Monday, January 22, 2007

Rocky Revisited

I watched Rocky Balboa a week back. And I'm happy I did it. It's a story of not one individual but the fighter in all of us. Some of us tend to listen to our inner selves but most don't have the courage. Rocky speaks for all those who follow their heart and believe in themselves.

The fairytale that started in 1976 (Best Picture Oscar and 2 nominations for Stallone - Best Screenplay and Best Actor) probably came to an end in 2006. I've growned up watching Rocky series, but I must say that this one is Stallone's best effort since the first one (althought Rocky IV made more money than the rest). The inherent theme remains the same, "It's all about chasing your dreams against odds." So if Rocky was about a young boxer aiming for boxing ultimate prize this new one is about an old legendary boxer who wants to prove that it's all about who you are and how far can you go. Rocky loses this one last fight but he showed the courage to fight a boxer young enough to be his son. He started as a Hero and he walked off the ring a hero.

Rocky Balboa has inspired people of all ages to dream and he would continue to do so. Whether he makes another return or not, the streets of philadelphia will always remind us of him and what he stood for.

Stallone comes up with another solid performance after 'Copland.' The dialogues are quite well written. And I like the father-son confrontations, specially the scene in which Sly talks about his son's childhood, and the son's finally understanding his dad.

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