Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Lover's Plight

He sits gloomily on a wall,
Gazing into the night,
Thinking what wrong he did,
To deserve such a fate.

With tears in his eyes,
And a lump in the throat,
Longing under the moonlit sky,
And waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

His feelings unacknowledged,
His prayers unanswered,
The night for him is darker,
The dawn even farther.

But he still carries hope,
That his beloved will realise,
The answer to love,
Is nothing but love.

(Wrote in Lucknow, 7th July 1998)


S S Mehdi said...

Interesting to know the moving moments felts by lonely hearts...

Gayatri Kadarla said...

Beautifully written.. praise that moment have brought this beauty to the world.