Wednesday, January 24, 2007


The sky is a brilliant red,
A group of birds fly back home,
I look up to them and reflect,
Does everything returns to where it belongs?

Memories buried deep down surface again,
Taking me back few steps in time,
The day I discovered a friend in him,
A moment I cherish to this very day.

His words inspiring, his concerns real,
His sharing simple, his praises true,
An assuring presence, a bewitching smile,
He brought a new zeal to my life.

Those moments of silence,
That period of rejoicing,
Our hearts got closer, our friendship deeper,
And our worlds changed for the better.

But fate had something else to offer,
Without any reason without dissent,
He left me alone as smell a rose,
The joy of living was not there anymore.

Still the hope of human heart,
Drives us all to carry on,
A quest for happiness, a quest for peace,
For one day we will find what we need.

(Wrote in Lucknow, 16th Aug 1998)

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