Thursday, April 14, 2011

Who Needs an iPad?

APPLE'S iPhone is a revolutionary phone. I am not so sure about the company's tablet offering in the form of iPad.

One has to think twice before investing in an expensive device like the iPad. The following questions are to be answered before taking the plunge-

1 Are you a geek?
2 Do you think a netbook is not handy?
3 Does your electronics also double as fashion accessory?
4 Are you willing to shelve those extra bucks for a tablet just because of its battery life?

If the answers to above questions is a resounding 'yes' then buying an iPad make sense to you. Still it would be a good idea to compare the device with some other quality netbooks in the market today.

The biggest advantage a netbook has over tablets is the presence of a keyboard. There's no way a touchscreen can provide the ease of a physical keyboard. People may argue that Apple now provides a wireless keyboard for the iPad, but then, that's an additional accessory to take care of. Also since the netbook can be folded the display is better protected.

iPad does scores in portability (at 600g it is lighter than many netbooks), ease of use (boot up time of around 20 sec is much faster than the netbooks), and its phenomenal battery life (around 10 hours as promised by Apple).

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