Tuesday, April 26, 2011

10 Cool Apps for iPhone

After playing around with many iPhone Apps for a while now, I've found the following 10 fairly useful free Apps-

1 XE- An online currency convertor for expats and those in the financial sector.

2 Facebook- An absolute must for all the social junkies!

3 Skype- By far the best voice and video chat service on iPhone.

4 Reminder Free- Remember the dates that matter to you with this application.

5 Angry Birds- The birds may be angry but you'll end up happy playing this addictive game.

6 Twitter- Tweet on the move. Quite intuitive.

7 Bump- An innovative way to exchange contacts, photos, etc, by just bumping hands (with the phone) together.

8 BBC- Be in touch with the world with this neat yet exhaustive application.

9 Convert Units- A handy unit conversion application.

10 WordWeb- Choose the right word with this electronic dictionary.

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