Monday, October 04, 2010

Rajini the Man and the Robot

RAJINIKANTH is special! He is perhaps the only star who could have guranteed a hit to the mother of all big budget ventures called Endhiran or Robot. So there are no surprises when the show starts with "Superstar Rajini" and the movie name follows.

Robot is a never before attempted sci-fi effort on the Indian screen. The sheer magnitude of the film would take your breath away. The credit must be given to Shankar the co-writer and also the director of the movie for dreaming big.

The film is about a scientist who creates an android (a robot that imitates a human being) and his vision about the immense potential of his discovery. It also highlights the issues when the machine starts to think like a man.

Rajinikanth stars both as the scientist Dr Vaseegaran and the robot Chitti. The superstar never lights a matchstick or display his trademark antics with his sunglasses during the entire film, but still leaves a mark. There is something about the man which makes him lovable.

Aishwarya Rai plays his love interest in the movie. There's not much for her to do other than add some glamour quotient. And why bother when you are paid a cool Rupees 60 million for the act. Nothing else justifies her nod to the role where she has to share space with hundred other Rajinis.

Danny Denzongpa ably fills in as the scientist who wants his inventions to make money at any cost!

The only loose performances come from the actors who play Dr Vaseegaran's assistants in the movie. The humour is poorly written and certainly not enacted well by the duo. I thought the comic sequences involving Chitti were enough for the movie.

Music by A.R. Rahman is good in parts. The songs also suffer because of the Hindi dubbing.

Cinematography by R. Rathnavelu is top-notch. The picturesque landscapes are captured beautifully in the songs.

The special effects makes Endhiran all the more special. The good thing is situations are not created to showcase them rather the effects are woven into the story. Be ready to see some of the most amazing stuff ever shown in an Indian film.

The movie could have been edited better. I felt the fight sequences were a little long.

Robot may not boast of incredible performances or a great story but it still entertains.
It certainly entertained my four year old son!

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