Tuesday, October 26, 2010

IGI's Terminal 3 Rocks!

IGI's Terminal 3 is a reflection of India's growth as an economic superpower.

The stylish new terminal is a fine fusion of the traditional and the modern. It took my breath away!

The facts themselves speak volumes about the effort. IG's Terminal 3 is the world's sixth largest passenger terminal. It was built in a record 37 months, something astonishing by Indian standards as 58 government agencies were involved.

The new facility is capable of handling 34 million passengers every year (a jump of almost 25 million). It has 168 check-in counters, 95 immigration desks, over 20,000 sq meters of retail area, and a multi-layer parking that can accomodate 4300 cars. Whew!

I was particularly impressed by the carpeted floor inside the arrival and departure zones.

My only worry is the future maintenance of the terminal. I hope the people involved will show a little more sense of ownership.

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