Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dubai is Built on Dreams

THE foreign media has long been shouting about labour treatment in Dubai unaware of the ground realities. For them Dubai is buit on slavery. I wish they could see the broader picture, one that goes beyond the boundaries of UAE.

There's always a give and take whenever money is involved. Dubai for long had the most easy entry possible for those coming from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. So you get to see people from all segments coming to Dubai for a living. And how well Dubai has rewarded these people only they can tell. People working as drivers, gardeners, plumbers, construction-site labourers, etc, have made life easy for their families back home. Remember some of these people can't even speak a word of English and may not have even gone beyond their state in their respective countries.

If they are supposedly made slaves then why are they coming back. Surely people have stories to tell. The truth is everybody wants a good life.

Dubai is built on dreams and that's how I see the whole thing. For those in any doubt speak to the labours who have worked here and made money for a better life back home.

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Gayatri Kadarla said...

Liked the theme "....built on dreams" :)