Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2 States - The Story of my Marriage

'TWO states: The story of my marriage' is another entertaining novel from Chetan Bhagat. The author seems to know what sells in the world of books when it comes to India.

Bhagat's characters are drawn from the average middle-class families in India. Their dreams and aspirations are shared by millions. Not surprisingly it's this class that contributes the maximum to the sales of Bhagat's books.

In Two States the author has handled the serious issue of marriages in India, and that too an inter-state one. The plot involves a boy and girl from two exactly oppposite states of India. It talks about their mutual attraction and the difficulties asscoiated in taking their relationship to the next level.

The author in his own humourous way has highlighted the differences between the North and South of India. Very few would disagree with him on this.

Bhagat's colloquial style of writing makes even simple stories, such as Two States, quite entertaining to read. He has a rare ability to find humour in the most difficult of situations. It is this quality which sets him apart from many other popular novelists in India.

Go pick up a copy of Two States, it will surely lighten up your mood!

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Harsh9 said...

Its awesome... every parent must be given one as a gift! :P