Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rock On - It sure Rocks!

These are interesting times for the Indian cinema. Producers are willing to bank on projects which were untouchable few years back. 'Rock On' is one such movie.

It's probably India's first movie based on a rock group. The director Abhishek Kapoor may not be a successful actor but he has a bright future ahead in direction. He could have easily gone overboard with such a script but held on and the effort shows. The camera work also needs a lot of credit for the overall look and feel.

The movie, clearly inspired by the cult 'Dil Chahta Hai', is a realistic portrayal of 4 talented rock musicians. It's about the music that binds them and the issues in their separate lives. The trailers may have been promoting Farhan Akhtar but almost the entire star cast has put up a spirited show. Arjun Rampal is finally getting some meaty roles and is doing full justice to them. Of the rest I was particuarly impressed by Shahana Goswami who plays Rampal's wife. The pain and frustrations of her character shows in her performance. As for Farhan, he is a talented bloke. First direction, and now he both acts and sing. Everything seems to come naturally to him.

Music by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy is fresh and gels with the movie. Overall a novel effort, in tune with the times. I enjoyed it and am sure the multiplexes would have repeat audiences.

Just one complaint, the lyrics of the songs could have been better.

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Gayatri said...

Definitely! with worth watching frames of Arjun and Sahana! Music really rocked apart from Farhan's shrieks! If only a playback singer could have crooned for the slow number in the film!