Sunday, August 24, 2008

One Night at the Call Centre

Books are addictive! I'm glad I've this one adiction still left in me. This week I finished reading 'One Night at the Call Centre' by the hugely popular Indian writer Chetan Bhagat. Like his first book, 'Five Point Someone,' this one too is youth oriented. And since youth make the most noise it's no surprise that Bhagat's novels sell like hot cakes in India. His writings may not create ripples in the literary circles but have generated enough interest in the art of traditional reading (read books) in India.

In his second novel he has taken up a subject that the call centre generation would instantly relate to. It's the story of an eventful night at a call centre, as the name suggests. How the lives of a group of friends change with one call is what the plot is all about.

Bhagat's style of writing suits the young (or the young at heart). It's mostly in the form of friendly chat between the characters or the narrator talking to himself. And he does bring a smile to your face as you relive those golden days gone by. Nostalgia sells, isn't it?

Somehow Bhagat picks up his characters from the crowd, ordinary people we could all relate to. Maybe that's where his strength lies and that's what make him stands apart. We do need writers like him. They help you graduate to the next level. And that's why their efforts should be appreciated.

Pick up a copy of 'One Night at the Call Centre' today and chances are you would like to read it through the night. I certainly did!

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