Wednesday, October 31, 2007

'Khuda Ke Liye' Dekhiye

Finally I managed to watch a full Pakistani movie. I had high expectations from the movie after the euphoria it generated in Pakistan.

Yes! I'm talking about Pakistan's latest blockbuster 'Khuda Ke Liye.' The movie tackles the sensitive issue of ordinary, moderate Muslims who are caught in the cross-fire of religious extremists and the West's crackdown on Muslims post 9/11. Unfortunately, I never heard of Shoib Mansoor (another indication of my ignorance of world affairs) before the release of this movie. His direction was almost flawless and his characters so very real. The movie was written by him, which shows the passion for his work. One dialagoue from the movie stayed with me, "Andar aag lagao bahar khud ba khud ayegi, warna yahi hoga ki log haram ki kamaiyee jeb me daale halal ghost ki dukan dhoondte phir rahe honge." It's a sad but true state of affairs today.

The entire star-cast gave their (he)art and soul to the movie. Shan is a star material for any industry. His understated but brilliant performance matches the equally powerfull portrayal of a Taliban style Maulana Tahiri by Rasheed Naz. Iman Ali and others stood out in their characters. The soundtrack of the movie carries the essence of the movie. Whoever gave the azan in this movie has a heavenly voice.

If you haven't watch this movie, please do. It's in the same league as our very own, "Rang De Basqanti."