Monday, October 15, 2007

Back with more Books

As Arnie said it, "I'm back!" The only difference being it's books and not bombs.

For a change I read a hindi novel, "Adhoora Khawab," by an Indian criminal Babloo Shrivastava. He wrote the novel from his prison. I was pretty curious to know how the mafia work in India, and this novel tells exactly that. It's basically a series of kidnappings, internal disputes within gangs, criminals-police-politicians nexus, big bad corporate world, and the hunger for money all rolled into one.

I would recommend the book, only, if you are as curious as I was about the underworld!

The second novel was long on my to-read list. It's called aptly, "The Reluctant Fundamentalist." The novel by Pakistani writer Mohsin Hamid revolves around the life of a Muslim youth in US and how the 9/11 attacks changed everything. I was particularly impressed by Hamid's style of story telling. The language is simple but the thoughts deep.

The book transcends regional boundaries. I'm sure you too will indulge in self-introspection if you care to read!


Anonymous said...

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life of pi said...

dont know about mohsin hamid's latest novel, but i did read moth smoke and it was just okay, maybe i dint get the point and perhaps there was deeper meaning to it. but i didnt get it.

Inam said...

Moth Smoke is also on my list of to-read books. I like his style of storytelling - says a lot in a matter-of-fact way!