Tuesday, September 25, 2007

At Last the Cricket World Cup is Ours Again

For me this world cup win is special for couple of reasons. One, it was a fairly young side - one player even making a debut in the final. Second, even before the first ball was bowled I knew India would win. Such was the confidence level of this team.

It was good to see that every player had a role to play in bringing the cup back home. I just hope the selectors continue to give chances to young players over the ones who have taken their places for granted.

The 20-20 tournament had me hooked on to the telly after a long time. I was lucky to witness some of the most spirited young men from India playing their heart out on the cricket field.

Three cheers for team India!!!

On a rather different note, I wish hockey players too were bestowed with such lavish gifts on their win. Even their efforts need to be equally acknowledged. After all hockey is still our national sports.

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