Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sir Salman Rushdie - Is it right?

I don’t think Rushdie is knighted for anything but his literary achievements. It’s just unfortunate that a man of letters like him went a little too far with his words in 'Satanic Verses.'

In each and every aspect of life you ought to have certain limits. Boundaries signify the aspect of discipline. And discipline is at the very core of a balanced life. Education teaches you all this. You speak your thoughts in a manner which doesn’t hurt the other person. Religion is something very personal and a matter of choice. If you don’t want to be a Muslim, don’t be one. But, to mock at the revered personalities of Islam signifies you don’t believe in limits while putting across your own opinion. And that’s something unacceptable in a human society built on understanding and respect for others.

If people like Mr Rushdie exercise their freedom of expression regardless of the fact that it may hurt the sentiments of million others, then they are actually questioning the very basis of our society. You don’t disrespect or disregard your elders just because you don’t agree with them. Do you? Our likes and dislikes make us the person who we are. But, as responsible members of the society we should know what to promote and what not. If I smoke, I should not go around saying that I enjoy doing it and it gives me a sense of confidence. We ought to know that we all are accountable for our actions.

I guess Mr Rushdie, like many others before him, stretched himself a trifle too much to keep his literary position intact. And in doing so he completely forgot that he was questioning his own roots.

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