Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Angry new Muslim

The Lal Masjid standoff highlights once again the role of inter-religious debates and cross-cultural interactions. Unfortunately the moderate Muslims have been cornered by the extremist elements, who are becoming successful by the day in promoting their cause to the masses. So when you see educated Muslims (not related with Islamic studies) involved in terrorist activities you feel sad and unsure about the future. Like I always say, "Muslims today are the biggest threat to the Islam."

Every group/sect is quoting holy books to his own advantage. And so in times like this the good old habit of reading has assumed even more significance. It's our duty as Muslims to understand Islam not just through listening to the so called 'Maulvis' but also reading and understanding the Holy Quran in the light of respected hadiths. And I'm glad that people like Tariq Ramadan do give us some encouragement to search for truth.

It's rather ironic that the followers of the man who was never the first one to raise a sword are killing their own fellow Muslims, what to talk of the rest!

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