Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bringing Alive the Dead, Courtesy YouTube!

JUST two days back YouTube celebrated its 5th anniversary. For me this video sharing site is one of Internet's great inventions.

YouTube has the power to bring back the memories of yesterday while enjoying the sights of today. What else could substitute for a video of your grandma from the past or a lost loved one.

For people like me who are so much interested in the past, there's no more fascinating resource than YouTube. Having grown up on dad's stories of Mohammad Ali in the boxing ring it was a wish come true when I first bought a DVD (with Ali's fights) from Amazon for dad. I couldn't find it in India then. Things changed in 2005 when video sharing was possible, on a never before scale, with YouTube. Today, I've seen more fights of Ali than what dad listened to on the radio.

And its not just people's video, YouTube has brought the TV to the net. That is really something!

How the video sharing site sustains its present model is what I look forward to.


Anonymous said...

I find the language in this blog quite below the standard that a literary or a popular blog should contain and I think more work, effort and research is needed to make the subjects more interesting !

Inam said...

Thanks for the feedback!

Most of my posts are random thoughts on diverse subjects. There are ones, where lot of effort and research has indeed gone into. Please check them out too.