Thursday, October 08, 2009


"This is the reason why parents don't want their children to pursue sports as a career in this country. This is why India figures nowhere in sports."---PT Usha, India's greatest female athelete.

EVERYBODY salutes the rising sun! Not even India's most famous sprinter can deny this sad, but true, fact. Her recent treatment at the Bhopal atheletics meet in Madhya Pradesh is a testimony to it.

Isn't she the same woman who is popularly called the queen of Indian track and field, and won 4 golds and 1 silver for her country at the 10th Asian Games in 1986! Her 11 medals at the Asian Games and 101 international medals make her a national treasure.

Alas! My country reserves the best of treatment to our cricketers who have won us just one world cup (50 overs) and that too in 1983. I can imagine the plight of others who are no PT Usha.

What discimination!

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