Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Metro Comes to Dubai

TOMORROW Dubai would take another giant leap with the opening of the Dubai Metro. The world's second longest fully automated rail service may finally resolve Dubai traffic woes during peak hours. For the visitors to Dubai it would be a smooth and fun ride.

More than anything else the Metro will give the Dubai residents a chance to admire their city from some new windows. The view from the Sheikh Zayed track would be definitely exciting!

The five-car trains are designed to carry around 650 passengers. In addition the trains will have three classes viz., Gold, Women and Children, and Silver. The average speed of the trains will be around 45 kmph.

Safety is of prime importance in such projects and Dubai Metro is no exception. It's designed to meet international safety standards. Some 3000 CCTV cameras are installed at stations and inside the trains to ensure safety of the passengers.