Monday, November 24, 2008

The New Team India

Indian cricket has rarely seen so much of talent. Who would have thought that Irfan Pathan has to sit out to give another promising youngster a chance. The Indian cricket today is brimming with confident and aggresive players. Much of the credit goes to controversy's favourite boy - Sourav Ganguly!

The 2002 memorable Natwest final saw Sourav removing his shirt, as he stood in the player's balcony, to celebrate an outstanding Indian win. It was a refreshingly new sight. An Indian captain ready to give it back two folds - a watershed moment in the history of Indian cricket! The gesture sybolises the end of a timid India and the birth of a hungry-for-more pack of cricketers.

Ganguly has retired but his legacy lives on. As he himself said, he sees a lot of him in Dhoni. Although I still feel Dhoni is very lucky in that everything clicks for him. But then even even luck favours the brave. Either way the lord has been very kind to him and so the sun shines brightly on the Indian cricket.

Zaheer's second coming is lethal, Harbhajan can test the best of opposition with his turn and his resolute batting, Sehwag and Yuvraj can butcher any bowling attack, Tendulkar has still some runs left in him, Ishant is a tremendous potential, Yusuf can change equations with his batting lower down the order, and a captain who has everything going for him - what more can we ask for!

This current Indian line up has the potential to beat Australia in Australia. And should we win a test series there, it would leave little doubt as to which is the greatest indian cricket team ever. I know one thing for sure, that day is not far off!

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