Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Geert Wilders spreading ‘Fitna’

I just got the time to see the movie ‘Fitna’. Must say it was in a very bad taste, specially the way in which the movie suggested changes in Islam. If tearing pages of a holy book (symbolic gesture to remove some verses) is a solution for Mr Wilders then what wrong did the Talibans do when they blew those ancient statues!

People tend to forget that Geert Wilders is a politician first. Israel for him holds a special place, “Israel’s a democracy - it’s everything we stand for.” He has been visiting the country quite frequently over the years. All Israel's enemies are Muslims and naturally they become his enemies as well. His stand on Islam is nothing new. For him Islam is a “violent, imperialistic and fascist ideology,” and he suggests the Dutch government to “close down Islamic schools and stop building mosques.” He has the audacity to compare Quran to Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”. I can’t write what he has to say about the holy Prophet [PBUH]. So when he made the film, it was a reflection of his own ideology. And that is to question the very fundamentals of Islam.

“Every time some outrageous act is committed by the fundamentalist supporters of an extreme version of Sharia law the western press, and now some of its politicians, highlight it. What they should instead is to highlight the last 1400 years of Islamic behaviour.”
—Jonathan Power (a veteran foreign affairs commentator based in London)

Wilders is no Salman Rushdie (without any doubt he is an exceptional writer), and his few days of fame will soon be over. I just hope that the Muslims in general answer his film and thoughts with proper arguments rather than rally for his head.

Lets not make a make a hero out of a foolish politician who thinks he is acting smart!

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