Friday, December 14, 2007

The Smell of India

I took a direct flight to Lucknow from Dubai this time. But, wherever you land in the home country, the attitude and people mostly remain the same. An official at the airport was asking all sorts of stupid questions, maybe to extract money. That was my official welcome!

Lucknow has changed as a city and it's heartening to see your place come this far. It has managed to hold a balance between tradition and modernity. More than anything else its the warmth of the people that brings you back to your city. And boy, how much I enjoy the driving in India. There is complete harmony between man and animals and traffic signals act more as decorative pieces. I, too, am a part of this puzzle called India, and I love it!

Leaving India was a difficult proposition but some choices are forced upon you. It wasn't money for me. The heart still beats for India and the soul is always yearning to come back.

Had'diyaN apne buzurgoN ki teri khaakh me haiN
Tujhse hum rooth ke jayenge to jayenge kaha...

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