Monday, August 06, 2007

Will Sanjay's Case Give Hope to the Godhra Victims?

Fourteen years later the verdict is finally out! I know it's very hard for Sanjay Dutt to go through this all, but, the judiciary has to be fair. The other accused in the case have been convicted and there was strong evidence against Sanjay. The case was so much in the limelight that there was an extra pressure on the judiciary to deliver.

It's another story that we all know Dutt is not a criminal, let alone a terrorist. He may be dangerous for his own self but a good guy for the rest. I'm sure with his good conduct he'll come out of prison well before 6 years. I wish him all the best!

Perhaps we should also see this case as a benchmark for the Indian Justice System. Hopefully the same standards will be applied to the Gujarat's accused regardless of the position they hold.

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