Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Power of our Media Today

Aish-Abhi incident has shown us once again the new face of media. News that is fit enough for the cover of Stardust is now a television headline across the channels. The mushrooming of 24 hours news channel in India has made sure that nothing goes unnoticed. So much that even if you are remotely connected to a celebrity you matter. Analyse this, a boy is kidnapped in Bihar and Zee TV asks his friends which game he used to play with them. Star TV made sure that people know which doctor operated on Amitabh Bachchan. Aaj Tak leaves no stone unturned to make a hero of a two matche old cricket player. Just a few months back the whole nation was forced to view the long rescue of a boy who fell into a deep hole. Almost all his close relatives got enough television coverage.

Cricketers today are raking in millions and eating prime time of the news channels. Hockey which brought so much glory to the nation is a dying sport today and Indian cricket with just one world cup trophy is a national obsession. All thanks to our news channels!

In the fight for TRPs the one thing that we all are missing is 'real news.' Something that has made BBC what it is today.

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