Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Indian Cricket at Crossroads

Inspite of having probably the most talented bunch of players ever the way our cricket team is playing is sad. Never before we had such good pace bowlers but still we seem to be lacking something. Mr Chappel has experimented a lot but the result is the same. And with the world cup round the corner I don't have much hope.

One thing is clear though our cricket is dominated by personalities and players' past records. So a Sehwag or a Jaffer can continue because they score a century after every 15 tests or so. It's time we become more professionals (like the Australians) and go for players who are consistent. There has to be some accountability else how can we justify that these are the best cricketers India has at present.

Also, we need to regulate the amount of advertising that a player is involved in. When you've a full stomach you tend to relax. A place in the team today is a definite first step towards getting some good brands to flaunt.

Unfortunately that's the grim picture of our cricket today!

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