Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Tribute

Long after the guns ceased their fire,
Millions of precious lives lost,
And cry of pain and agony died out,
There remains a name to be cherished,
Oscar Shindler!

In a world of cruelty and hostility,
Where you find more foes than friends,
And saving a life meant risking your own,
Where shadow of death loomed large,
And killing of people was a wild sport,
Where women were object of sex,
And a child failed to soften hearts,
A man saved more than a thousand lives,
Sacrificing all he had for himself.

It was a saga of dedication and devotion,
And not just another tale to be told,
It's a message loud and clear,
That when the head of evil rises high,
A saviour comes as a Shindler.

(Wrote in Lucknow after seeing the movie Shindler's List, 7th May 1995)

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