Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Away from the busy world,
In a land of eternal peace,
Everything looks calm and serene,
This is the state I want to be in.

Nobody to bother, none to disturb,
Just me and my solitude,
Enough time to think and weigh things,
With only myself to carry on.

No responsibilities, no promises,
No questions, no directions,
No judging, no arguing,
Whatever I do, I do my own way.

This is the life I love to live.

(Wrote while in Aligarh Muslim University, 16th Nov 1994)


Rupa Abdi said...

there are moments when you feel that you are almost there….
touching the infinite
that you are one with the vast universe
its expanse forever stretching beyond the realms of this earthly existence
like the silence between two notes
like the fleeting gaze of the Beloved
drink it with your breath
before it is gone…..

Gayatri Kadarla said...

i'm with you at this plane :) ...n no expectations...makes its just perfect!