Thursday, May 31, 2012

The god industry

Every known religion of the world, based on scriptures, stresses on good deeds. They alone shall decide our fate in the life hereafter. This simple understanding of religion has given way to ostentatious display of faith over the years.

The god industry is thriving everywhere. The devouts build huge churches, mosques, and temples, seemingly to please God. It has, in truth, become a show of religious power rather than spirituality.

From gold studded domes to the huge donations in the form of money and ornaments, it has to be the biggest industry in the world. Mind you this activity has been going on for hundred of years without checks. I wonder how an omnipresent spirit would be influenced by these material offerings!

If the same resources are diverted to serve the millions living in poverty and distress, the earth would be a better place.

What good is a magnificiently built house of prayer when a hungry soul resides nearby. Just a thought!

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