Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let's not Burden Cricket

THANKS heavens that 'the game' is finally happening tomorrow. The media on either sides made sure the interest in the Indo-Pak semi-final (many already calling it the final) reaches fanatical proportions. Perhaps it makes business sense with all the big bucks coming in as advertisement revenues. ESPN-Star Sports is now charging between Rs 18-22 lakh for a ten-second ad-spot on the channel during the match. The same costed Rs 12 lakh for the quarter final matches that ended last week.

What worries me is the unnecessary pressure that builds up on the two teams as a result of these phenomenal expectations. Why can't we just talk about a good game of cricket and leave the result for the day!

Sports is a mode of entertainment and should be viewed as such. You bring in unwanted elements of hostility and the whole purpose is lost.

Also, which team in its right sense would want to lose a match! The players are always expected to play to the best of their abilities in any match and against any opponent. Team India would do the same tomorrow. Let's just pray that they win.

I'm sure the crowd in Mohali is going to witness a great game of cricket. As for the cup it's confirmed today that an Asian team would take it home, no matter who wins tomorrow.

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