Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Victorian Lucknow for Whom?

LAST month during my Lucknow visit I got to know of the grand new architectural plans of CM Mayawati. She has promised the city people to bring back the Victorian flavour to Hazratganj, the retail hub of the city.

Her new fascination includes things like Victorian style benches and lamp posts and public platforms for budding artists.

I just have one small question for the CM. What about our own culture? Why do we need to revisit the British past of the city. Isn't the old buildings enough for that!

On second thoughts, having put irrelevant statues in every nook and corner of the city she's now taking her love for dead people to a new level altogether.

What can you say! People voted for her.

If citizens are sleeping why should leaders worry.

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Anonymous said...

People are not really sleeping...they are disgusted too...but they don't know what to the taxpayers money is goind in statues and her birthday celebration