Monday, March 08, 2010

The World of Instant Relationships

PEOPLE seems to be in a hurry these days. The culture of fast food is catching up in other areas as well.

Reality shows promise to make you an instant celebrity. Social networking is a magic tool for many who want instant friendship. Nobody wants to send hand-written letters, even for special occasions, as there is an instant way to communicate - Email and SMS for those who don't have time for even emails.

A long friend list on Facebook has become more of a fashion statement. To top it all people have so much of time to interact online that they maintain accounts on multiple social networking sites. What about the good old 'sit and talk' times!

The human touch is gradually fading away from our everyday interactions. It's a sad truth of today.


Jazeem said...

You said it right

Anonymous said...

haha btw i remember you being glad to be on facebook too ;) .. nice writeup Inam :) - Gayatri

Inam said...

That's right! But I was glad to have finally found some old friends.