Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Will the US Middle-East Policy ever Change?

It was funny to read about Hillary Clinton's remarks on the NBC show. She says about Iran, "We are going to do everything we can to prevent you (Iran) from getting a nuclear weapon." On Israel it's the same old rhetoric, "The US stands with you and the US believes that Israel has a right to security." What double standards!

Who is the smart lady fooling! Where was the issue of security when Israel secretly pursued its nuclear programme? No other nation had the nuclear capability in the entire middle-east then.

In spite of having the best of technology and brains, US is yet to provide a solid evidence that Iran would use its nuclear knowledge to develop nuclear weapons.

It's amazing to see how a country repeats the same old mistakes. Where are the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? They destroyed a whole country and tore its social fabric apart in the name of weapons. There's no Saddam, no weapons and if the situation continues no police force left to manage security affairs. All thanks to Al-Qaeda and other militant groups. Now the very future of Iraq is threatened.

It’s high time US stops blindly supporting Israel. Look what they did to Lebanon!

As for Iran I hope sanity is restored and the Iranians sit with the US for a decisive dialogue.

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