Tuesday, August 04, 2009

It's Not Easy to be a Journalist

The recent trend of militants targeting journalists is certainly a bad omen. These brave individuals bring out the faintest of voices, at times even risking their lives. God has given us brains to decide whether the news is to be believed or just ignored.

Journalists are humans too; sometimes they fail in their reporting. But that's the difficulty associated with giving the complete picture. Still, we need to hear both sides of the stories.

In case of Taliban, there's not much good to talk about. Whatever good (ban on opium poppy cultivation) they did has been hugely overshadowed by their killings of innocent people.

If they feel the media has not been very kind to them then they should check their behaviour. Why don't they debate about their approach with other learned Islamic scholars?

Silencing the voices of reason only proves that they don't want to listen. Perhaps they forget that Islam has always promoted dialogue.

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Gayatri Kadarla said...

Hmm they do a good job.. these bravehearts!