Monday, June 29, 2009

Protests in Iran

The right to protest is a person's fundamental right, be it any society. It's another story that for some strange reasons the demonstrations in Iran have been restricted to the streets of Tehran. The elite of Tehran may not reflect the popular opinion.

The hype surrounding Iran's election was mostly a western media's brainchild. Ahmadinejad was a popular figure in most parts of Iran. He may not have been a clear favourite to win but his chances were better. Still that doesn't justify the government's strong arm tactics against the protesters.

Iran today is passing through a volatile phase. It has to show restraint in dealing with the west and its own people. The country needs an individual who is ready for dialogue, which which has been the founding principles of Islam. Unless you listen you won't know!

More people in Iran today favour talks with US than ever before. If Obama can accept the past mistakes and is ready to share the table, then, Iran too should rethink. But, first they need to listen to the voices from inside.

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