Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Hindu Zionists behind Mumbai Attacks - Zaid Hamid

I felt that a section of the Indian media acted a little immature by linking the terrorists to Pakistan even before the official word. Playing to the gallery gets you TRPs but doesn't help the greater cause. Agreed the men came from Pakistan (as shared by the government later) but the country is itself fighting the same monster. It's high time that we work together on countering this threat together rather than play the age old blame game. If Pakistan is serious we will get closer to the people who masterminded the Mumbai carnage. And for that it needs to do more than just mere assurances.

Replying to the Indian claims of the terrorists coming from Pakistan, a TV channel (News One) there has come up with its own weird conspiracy theory. I couldn't watch the entire programme as it was too far fetched to digest and in a way mocked the sacrifices of some very brave men.

The video features Zaid Hamid. Hamid is an idependent Pakistani security expert and also the founder of BrassTacks - a Pakistani Think Tank devoted to the study of regional and global political events and their influence on Pakistan. He comes from a military background having signed up as a volunteer in the Afghan war. His jihadi roots speaks for his biased opinions and weird logic. On a lighter note he is a good entertainer with his kind of imagination.

Have a look-

What can I say other than we have to shed aside our differences if we are to fight a common enemy. The electronic media needs to be more restrained in their approach. Such telecasts only fuel the fire.

It saddens me to see India's name amongst the 20 most dangerous places to visit by the UK's Telegraph. Needless to mention the millions we will lose because of tourists shying away. And we share space with Pakistan on that list. I'm sure the Pakistanis too feel the same!

Let's find solutions rather than faults!

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Anonymous said...

A good sensible note left by Mr.Abidi, We need more young and dynamic thinkers like him, who can help ease tensions in this trying times.