Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What's wrong with Abhijeet and Sunidhi Chauhan?

I got a chance to hear Abhijeet's absolutely deplorable comments about Atif Aslam on a television reality show. I've always been a fan of Abhijeet's voice but his attitude was something questionable. I guess he is more frustrated by the fact that the songs going out to Atif Aslam should have come his way. How else can you expect something like this-

"It's a shame that you guys (referring to the participants) get nothing and off-tune singers (obvious reference to Atif Aslam) who rely on good music and technology to better their voices have all the good luck. Singing such songs is a disgrace both to me as well as the show."

This, and a little more, was Abhijeet's response when a participant sang Atif's megahit song "O Jaane Jaan." My only regret is the way Abhijeet put it. There are more civilised ways of communicating your frustrations. Himesh did something similar when he said that R D Burman also had a nasal voice. Look where he is now!

If reality shows stoop to such low levels of publicity then the future doesn't look promising.

And Abhijeet is not alone. Sunidhi Chauhan considers Atif to be the most over rated singer and says, "he can't sing." She said it on IBN Live in an interview.

Both Sunidhi and Abhijeet forgot one basic thing - 'why are the people loving him if he can't sing?' For sure you can't enjoy something you don't like. Abhijeet may be a better singer than Atif but that's no reason to say that Atif can't sing! I like his voice and so do many of my friends. Period!


Anonymous said...

well a rather lame post, wonder if you would defend the singer being attacked had he been a non-muslim or non-pakistani.

Inam said...

I would have, definitely! Now, I wonder whether you've read all my posts.

I still don't understand why religion is dragged into all this. Had the 'anonymous' been a real name then the picture would have been clear to me.

Wakas Mir said...

Very well written inam, and that's what surprises me too sometimes. why Religion and Countries should be put into a conversation each time something goes wrong. I am a Pakistani, for a second I too felt strange when I heard Abhijeet but then again as you said yourself there are ways to let your frustrations out, and sadly what Abhijeet chose and yes Sunidhi in her rapid fire.. was definitly not a civilized way of "communicating" . Being a star carries a lot of responsibility on ones shoulder.. something a few forget.

Anonymous said...

though i agree that the tone of abhijeet's comments left a lot to be desired, i have to agree with him on the point that atif is a bad singer. his digitized voice does sound good though!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter wat ppl talk bout religion.....the bottom line is ABHIJEET SUCKS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well to answer your question as to why they love him, its simple. They don't know that he sings out of tune because of the help of technology. Then again there are so many singers like niraj shridhar who are besura why doesnt abhijeet complain about them?

Inam said...

You really surprise me! If technology can mend a bad voice, then there are so many singers out there why can't they all follow Atif. New singers would also come cheap to the producer that way.

It's not about Atif anyway, the point I wanted to make was that Abhijeet used a wrong platform and a bad way to put his point across. Being an Indian that hurt me somewhere!

Vamp1re_girl said...

Abhijeet is jealous of Atif Asalam's popularity,after his songs in india,these all indians singers are lyk vanished in dark somewhere (lol)
& no comments for sunidhi chauhan,she'x angry on atif for his not paying attention on her..
PPl lyk Aatif n its out of dere tolerance,bloody Jealous ppl